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DID WERX II in Taipei

第二次DIDWERX於台北世貿舉行,與會嘉賓有台方前國防部軍政副部長 – 退役海軍上將陳永康, 海軍上校李維德以及國防部整合評估司的同仁。民間方面,本次會議也有幸請到億泰電纜、知洋科技、智邦科技、和中山科學院對國防創新有熱忱的人士出席。


We were glad to have retired Vice Admiral Chen Yong-Kang, former Deputy Minister of National Defense for Policy, and navy Captain Lee Wei-Teh and his colleagues from the MND’s Department of Integrated Assessment. Other revered guests included representatives from Evertop Wire Cable Corporation, Accton Technology Corporation, 知洋科技有限公司 - Awareocean, and National Chung- Shan Institute of Science & Technology. In addition, the Taipei Agora was honored to have a special guest, Dr. Solomon Passy, former Bulgarian statesman and a famous government intrapreneur, to exchange his ideas on facilitating the changes in people, process, and technology of the national security apparatus under geopolitical pressure.

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