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本次論壇由FEI智庫董事Eric Du主講,談及當前美國國防思維新趨勢,面臨潛在威脅逐漸追上美國過去在戰術與武器上的優勢,以及面對新式不對稱作戰的考驗,現有的編裝、編列預算及武獲作業往往緩不濟急。美國國防部必須在創新上所做出各種嘗試,包含國防武獲機制、預算政策、和組織結構上都面臨改革需求。


We were honored to have former Deputy Secretary-General of Taiwan's National Security Council, numerous active-duty and retired officers across service branches, and industry representatives from maritime technology, electric vehicles, and network/cyber security sectors.

Eric Du spoke about the current innovation trends in the U.S. national security enterprise, including reforms or attempted reforms in acquisition, appropriation, and organizational construct. The event was followed by an enthusiastic discussion on challenges to Taiwan’s national defense innovation landscape.

It was mentioned that capabilities or mission requirements are often constrained by procurement regulations. In an environment with complex and bureaucratic risk management, cost and schedule are allowed overrun on some larger MDAPs while leaving many other capabilities gaps unmet, thus increasing strategic risks and investment portfolio risks.

An unnamed officer also pointed out that capability needs and specifications must consider interoperability with U.S. forces. However, in the process of generating requirement and material solutions, additional specifications are forced upon with each iteration of review and analysis, creating high asset specificity for the proposed solution and as a result, rendering supply chain and maintenance difficult to manage.

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