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DIDWERX I in Taipei

首次DIDWERX於台灣世代智庫舉行,與會嘉賓有知洋科技 -湛翔智董事長, 海軍大氣海洋局 – 滕運達科長, 台灣電動車商用協會理事長 – 陳仁達先生, 以及台灣世代智庫成員。

知洋科技有限公司 - Awareocean 為台灣海洋科技公司,提供全方位的海洋監測科技、海洋能源開發、海洋資源運用、海洋保育調查等,所需的海洋設備與水下工程技術,並協助客戶在系統設計、建置安裝、營運維護等各種需求。

知洋科技已掌握建立海下偵測器物聯網 (IoT) 相關技術,本次 DID 討論主題環繞在如何將台灣民間公司的研發創新能量,導入台灣自主國防需求。知洋的科技將可用在水下無人機並與海下監測系統結合,成為台灣在反潛制海權上面的新方向。


We were honored to be joined by Dr. Chan Hsiang-chih (湛翔智), CEO of Awareocean Technology, and Commander Teng Yun-ta (滕運達), Chief of Underwater Environment Section, ROC(Taiwan) Navy, and Mr. Chen Ren-ta (陳仁達), Chairman of Taiwan Electric Automobiles Industry Association.

知洋科技有限公司 - Awareocean Technology (知洋科技) is a Taipei-based marine technology firm specialized in offering products and services in undersea sensory/monitoring systems, acoustic spectral analysis, and big data analysis. This promising company is on its way to create a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) among undersea sensors aided by artificial intelligence. We talked about how it can be potentially integrated with underwater unmanned vehicles (UUV) and the integrated undersea surveillance system (IUSS), and its implication in reshaping the Navy’s maritime superiority strategy.

In addition, Mr. Chen of the Taiwan Electric Automobiles Industry Association was kind to share his insights into hydrogen fuel cell and integrating Taiwan’s technological and research power into our allies’ national defense supply chain.

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